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In this episode: It’s Valentine’s Day and Amanda is alone.

At the office, Lyric is being flooded with gifts from her boyfriend.

But Rose now says they have changed their minds and plan to wait until they have a bit more time to dedicate to planning the nuptials.

exclusively reported earlier this month that the pair, who started dating in November after meeting through work, are expecting their first child, due September 24.

She is the director of business development for Gentry Law Group, where he is an attorney.

For this weak motivation, he betrays the Jedi, slaughters children, tries to kill his friend and mentor, Obi-Wan Kenobi, ends democracy so that Palpatine can begin a galactic empire... All of this to save someone for whom his love is not even very convincing.The couple may have evolved over time at the original work, and the adaption may rush things into the romance, because it's one of the key aspects of the original work and to be included, no matter what. For when the build-up takes place before the series, see New Old Flame.When this happens to minor characters and is less noticeable, it's a case of Pair the Spares.A Last Minute Hookup can result in this trope, or serve as damage control.The potential problems are all still there, but at least they're not going to grow out of control throughout the rest of the plot since there's no rest of the plot left.

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Characters may be derailed, and competing love interests particularly so; Narmy moments and Relationship Sue transformations may become a frequent sighting; chemistry and interaction is prone to be reduced to the Sickeningly Sweethearts sort, if there was any to begin with.